Kevin Andrew oversees farming operations across all of Vanguard’s grapes properties.
15 7月 2019

Vanguard’s Kevin Andrew Brings Unique Expertise to Farming Operations

Kevin Andrew, Vanguard’s Chief Farming Officer since 2016, is crucial to overseeing the farming operations across Vanguard, specifically as it relates to grapes in California and Vanguard Peru. Having worked in the global produce industry for over 35 years growing grapes on just about every continent, Kevin has a very broad perspective on the nuances of table grape production and marketing.


This past November, Kevin was awarded with the WAKC (Water Association of Kern County) Leader of the Year, an honor bestowed upon him after an extended legal battle over water rights with another water district that had been in place since the 1800s. It had been an ongoing case since 1976 and the resolution of the litigation was one of the biggest settlements in Kern County water in over 75 years.


Prior to his work at Vanguard, Andrew held senior management positions at Superior Farming, Sun World International, Columbine Vineyards, and JP Dulcich and Sons. “With his wide-ranging industry experience, Kevin is extremely qualified and has been a great asset to our global team,” says Craig Stauffer, CEO, Vanguard International. “We are thrilled for him to win this award and have his hard work receive such recognition from his peers and the California water industry.”


Currently, Kevin’s role is Chief Farming Officer for Vanguard International, and he is also the managing partner of International Grape Management in Bakersfield, California. For Vanguard, he is providing constant consultation for the table grape production at Vanguard Peru, where pruning is well underway to set the stage for another flavorful season.


Vanguard’s operation in Peru and our new packing house on our Villacuri ranches allows for a range of packing styles and types – a significant advantage when packing multiple varieties for all types of customers around the world with the capability to temperature control the grape reception area which means that the team gets the fruit out of the field and into a controlled environment quickly. The selling and marketing of grapes grown on Vanguard’s Peru ranches is handled in North America by Vanguard Direct and globally by Vanguard International.