We’ve been innovating in every way, to bring you the best selection of premium grapes, from classics to our unique proprietary seedless varieties. When you know as much as we do about growing grapes — and have ownership from beginning to end — you can deliver what customers want, including their newest favorite thing.

From classic varieties to new favorites.

Perfect is a Process

Vanguard maintains control over all elements of the supply chain, including our orchards and our new packing facility in Peru. From production and packing, to ocean freight management, distribution, and management of the entire cold chain, our commitment is to bring the world’s freshest and best to our customers. We are dedicated to being perfect in every way.

Growing the Future

Vanguard Direct provides a sure path to perfect produce and a growing opportunity for the development of new varieties. We deliver the flavor of the field to the plate on the table by a wholly–owned, carefully controlled and fully–integrated operation. Always searching for fresh ideas, this year we will add succulent Tango mandarins to our produce menu, as we continue to bring the world to the doorstep of our customers in North America.

Direct From Us To You

2019/20 Peruvian Grape Import Season

Our Product Portfolio

The journey from our Company–owned Vanguard Direct fields around the world to produce bins in North America is seamless and certain in the hands of growers, distributors and wholesalers who share a common commitment to timely delivery of produce provided precisely for the markets they serve. Our promise is perfect, and we keep it.

Main Office

Vanguard Direct
Gene Coughlin, Vice President Sales
5080 California Ave. Ste. 240
Bakersfield, CA 93309
Tel: +1 661 489 5850
Email: Gene.Coughlin@VanguardFresh.com

Farming and Packing Operations

Vanguard Challapampa
Manuel Yzaga Dibos, President
Panamericana Sur Km. 284.5 Salas, Guadalupe
Ica, Peru
Email: Information@Challapampa.com

Sales Operations

Vanguard Direct
Shawn Caldwell, Sales Manager
5080 California Ave. Ste. 240
Bakersfield, CA 93309
Tel: +1 661 489 5850
Email: Shawn.Caldwell@VanguardFresh.com

It’s About Relationships

Cultivating a Community

For over 25 years, the Vanguard community has grown more than produce. We have also grown together, forming relationships that inspire and enable us to serve our customers better than any other produce provider, ensuring reliable delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables around the world.