1 octubre 2018

Vanguard says “Welcome” to WeChat

In just 7 years since its debut, WeChat has amassed 1 billion active monthly users. Not only does the platform garner a massive reach, it has an intensely active social community. On average 900 million WeChat users check the app multiple times daily.

We are excited to announce that Vanguard has officially joined the WeChat community to further our communication efforts, in particular, with our very important Chinese customers. At Vanguard International, our global reach includes a large footprint of growers, producers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers in Asia so entering the WeChat community only strengthens our communication efforts in this important region.

Just how powerful has WeChat become? WeChat by the numbers:

  • Number of WeChat active users: 1 billion
  • Number of WeChat Daily Users: 902 million
  • Number of corporate WeChat accounts: 14 million
  • How many people use WeChat outside of China: 70 million
  • Average number of times a day Chinese users checks WeChat: 10 times
  • Percentage of people in China aged 50-80, that use WeChat: 98.5%

*source: DMR Business Statistics

WeChat began as a messaging platform similar to WhatsApp, but has evolved to something much nimbler and more powerful. As well as being a social network, it also allows users to shop online, book taxis, make restaurant reservations and order food through its mobile payment system WeChat Pay.

It is the fifth most popular network worldwide ranking just after US tech giant platforms: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Although Facebook is in the lead, users spend more time on WeChat than on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter combined.

What can you expect from following Vanguard International on WeChat? We will be sharing breaking crop news, engaging in industry conversation, and sharing tips and tools to best store, cook, and utilize our array of produce offerings.

Join us today!

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