10 septiembre 2019

Vanguard International launches new campaign

ISSAQUAH, WA – September 10, 2019 – The Vanguard International Group launches two refreshed marketing campaigns this Fall for two arms of their business, Vanguard International and Vanguard Direct. Developed by the Vancouver-based advertising and design agency of record, If Communications, the campaign will further position Vanguard International as an innovative industry leader in produce worldwide, and Vanguard Direct as a leader and innovator in the North American market for grapes.  

Vanguard International 

The new brand direction centers on the Vanguard “V”. “V” represents a wide-ranging set of promises that are centered around the quality, availability, and reliability of the produce 52 weeks of the year, all part of Vanguard’s ongoing commitment to customers. Watch for campaign video updates here: https://www.vanguardteam.com/vmeans

Vanguard Direct 

Vanguard Direct’s primary focus in 2019 is distributing Vanguard Peru’s multiple grape varieties, grown using horticultural practices from years of expertise, and delivering freshness from their fields in Peru to shelves in North America. The new brand direction for Vanguard Direct focuses on how ownership of a globally known grower of produce differentiates them in the market. Watch for campaign video updates here: https://www.vanguardteam.com/direct

Consumers and distributors will start to see the refreshed campaign roll out for the remainder of 2019 and up to 2020. 

“Our goal in developing the creative materials was to continue, and expand on, our trade campaign that builds on the now-established brand identity and digs deeper into key product benefits (quality, condition, and taste) to Vanguard’s audience,” shared Tim Kelly, Creative Director at If Communications. 

The launch of the campaign comes at the start of a busy Fall produce season and heading into 2020 that will bring more growth and expansion for Vanguard International. 

“The campaign will aid us in continuing to promote our produce, specifically our Grapes and Apples, and service our key Asian markets, while ensuring our audience in these markets knows that Vanguard International connects the worlds’ best in produce”, shared Craig Stauffer, CEO, Vanguard International.


About Vanguard

Founded in 1991, Vanguard International has been marketing and selling fresh fruits and vegetables in Asia and the Middle East for over 25 years, operating offices internationally in Chile, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Spain, Taiwan, South Africa, and the United States. 


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