Autumn Crisp Grapes, From Peru
16 diciembre 2021

Fresh From The Field: A Video Harvest Tour – Peru Grapes

Dirk Winkelmann, President of Vanguard Direct is sharing a truly fresh from the field virtual update on Peru’s grape season.  

In this first of two, the ground video’s Dirk is in Arenal Peru showing the start of the Autumn Crisp harvest which is underway this week. See up close the quality, size, volume, and colour of this exciting crop.  

In the second crop up-close video Dirk is joined by both Vanguard domestic and Vangaurd Asia team experts to determine quality and volumes for this seasons Jack Salute crop. The harvest will also commence next week.  

In case you missed it, we released last month a full prediction and overview of the 2021-2022 Peru grape season. You can recap that here 

De Último Momento

Cada día es diferente en Vanguard; con nuevos agricultores que se unen a nuestra comunidad, se están introduciendo nuevos cultivos y nuevas variedades y se abren nuevos mercados. Manténgase actualizado con lo que está sucediendo en nuestro mundo en expansión.