Oranges shown here, early in development.
8 agosto 2020

Crop Update: Chilean Oranges & Mandarins

Unfavorable conditions and growing implications

In recent years, Chile has faced cold temperatures during spring with high temperatures in the summer. This disparity, coupled with the drought that Chile has suffered over the last decade, has complicated Chilean fruit production. Citrus fruits are impacted more profoundly than other fruits by climatic conditions, as they demand more water and are much more sensitive to low temperatures than other fruit categories.

This season, the preliminary flowering and bud formations were satisfactory however with a myriad of weather conditions working against them, Chilean growers are estimating that the overall volume of citrus out of Chile will be reduced. Recent rains in Chile will improve the overall situation and should have a positive impact on next year’s crop.

For this current season, Chilean exports of oranges are expected to remain stable and will most likely reflect the same volumes as last season. The latest growers’ estimates project Chilean citrus for the 2020 season at the same volume as the 2019 season, or with a 5% decrease. The one category expected to see a 5-10% increasedue to new plantings coming into production are mandarins.

Chilean Oranges

Oranges have a planted area of about 6,200 hectares. The main cultivated varieties are:

Early: Fukumoto and Navelina, available between early May and early July.

Mid-Season: Parent Washington, Cara Cara, and Atwood, available from late May through late August.

Late-Season: Lane Late and Navel Late, available from mid-June to early November.

Exported Volume 2018/19:99,566 tons

Expected Volume 2019/20:To date approx. 45,000 tons of oranges have been exported. Preliminary projection estimates a total of 100,000 tons for orange exports this season.

Chilean Mandarins and Clementines

Mandarins and Clementines have a planted area of about 7,700 total hectares. The main cultivated varieties are:

Early: (Clementines) Clemenul, Oro Grande and Oronule, available from April to July

Mid and Late-Season: (Mandarins) W. Murcott, Murcott, and Tango, available from June to November

Exported Volumes 2018/19:

Mandarins 114,260 tons

Clementines 50,477 tons

Expected Volume 2019/20:To date, 51,400 tons of Clementinesand 6,500 tons of Mandarins have been exported. Preliminary projection estimates a total of 180,000 tons for Mandarin exports this season.

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