25 mayo 2020

Table Grapes have a role to play in your immunity

The COVID-19 pandemic poses a number of changes for consumer demand in the fresh produce market. One of the most prevalent is the promotion of fruits and vegetables as being part of a healthy diet, thus building a resilient immune system equipped to fight off illness.

With grape season upon us, the California Table Grape Commission issued a Health Sheet including the benefits table grapes provide to support immune function and overall health.

“Information on the way in which fresh grapes contribute to is now available in one place for easy reference”, as is stated in a recent News Release from the California Table Grape Commission. “The health info-sheet combines results of health research on the benefit grapes provide to brain, heart, and colon health with data from two professors at Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy showing how healthy diets that include grapes can help flatten the COVID-19 curve.”

Grapes hold important nutritional values that contribute to overall health and wellness, alongside citrus and other fruits. With an abundant variety of grapes available all year long – consider grapes to be “an affordable luxury.“

Being table grape growers ourselves, we are no stranger to these benefits. In 2019, we collected a series of health benefitsof table grapes to share with stakeholders, that we now share with you here:

The Health Benefits of Table Grapes

1. Packed with nutrients, especially vitamins C and K

2. High antioxidant contents may prevent chronic diseases

3. Plant compounds may protect against certain types of cancer

4. Beneficial for heart health in various impressive ways
– May help lower blood pressure
– May help reduce cholesterol

5. May decrease blood sugar levels and protect against diabetes

6. Contain several compounds that benefit eye health

7. May improve memory, attention and mood

8. Contain many nutrients important for bone health

9. May protect against certain bacteria, viruses and infections

10. May slow down aging and promote longevity

11. May prevent chronic diseases by decreasing inflammation

12. Delicious, versatile and easily incorporated into a healthy diet

Furthermore, in the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, The French Beauty Solution, Mathilde Thomas, co-founder of the popular grape-based beauty brand Caudalie, talks at length about the humongous healing power of the humble grape. Ms. Thomas, who grew up on a farm near Grenoble and whose parents now own a vineyard in the Alps, is all about these round, sweet miracle fruits — eat them, drink them, put them on your face — «they will fix everything».

Who else is excited for grape season? Read our update on this season’s grapes out of California and Mexico.