27 agosto 2019

California Crop Update

Just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival, Vanguard International is pleased to share an update on its California grape crop. This crop is in peak production as the industry begins to promote mid-season varieties to the Asian Market.

Overall, the quality and condition has been strong with good eating quality for the early season varieties. As we transition through August into September, we are seeing the emergence of more consumer-demand varieties like the Krissy, Sweet Globe, Great Green, Ivory, Sweet Scarlet, and Arra15 as well as more staple varieties such as the Scarlet Royal and Red Globe.

We are expecting hot temperatures and no major weather events for the remainder of August, leading to optimal growing conditions and continued strong quality.

Export markets in Asia saw good demand for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival starting September 13thand the overall domestic market continues to steady with more growers seeking out retail programs.

Vanguard continues to work with the best quality growers in California that have a wide variety selection to meet the demand of all of our customers.