17 September 2019

Asia Fruit Logistica 2019 Report

Fifteen members of Team Vanguard spent the first week of September in Hong Kong at the Asia Fruit Logistica Conference. Vanguard has participated in this event annually since its induction 20 years ago.


Vanguard looks forward to this event every year, as it provides us with a chance to connect in valuable meetings with a global client base from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, India, and Bangladesh, to name just a few.


For Vanguard, it is also a chance to gather and meet with the collective group of valued growers and suppliers from all regions – South Africa, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Turkey, Egypt, USA, Canada, and more.


Many useful and worthwhile conversations were rooted in solutions to the ever-prevalent trade supply chain barriers with USA growers. Significant tariffs of 60% to 70% imposed on USA grown Apples, Cherries, Grapes, Citrus, and Avocados to China have proven to be another challenge to overcome. China based customers are looking to Vanguard to secure supply from other countries.


Fortunately, Vanguard is well positioned to respond positively to securing supply from our global supply network.  Vanguard has always focused efforts on securing supply from our global grower base. This proves to be especially important when the market shifts and changes. It’s not always China that imposes tariffs on USA fresh produce, the market has seen this before from other regions, and it is sure to see this again as the market continuously evolves. The implementation of tariffs on fresh produce into China will be something the entire produce industry will continue to carefully watch in the months to come.


Enthusiasm over Vanguard’s grape production from their Vanguard ranches in Peru was at an all-time high. Vanguard Peru expects to see significant growth in volume this coming season and has implemented a newly designed and robust Total Quality Management (TQM) team to continuously improve quality-on-arrival of Vanguard’s grape crop.


In addition to the cherished face-to-face time with Vanguard customers and suppliers, the Vanguard team was able to reconnect with one another. Team Vanguard thrives off this industry, one that moves at a fast and furious pace, making it that much more precious to be able to take a moment to toast fellow Vanguard teammates and say, “Thank YOU for all your efforts.”


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