24 July 2019

Update on China’s Red Globe Grape Production

Vanguard International is pleased to share an update on the Red Globe Grape variety production from China. This growing season spans from June to September.

The crop size of the 2019 season of Red Globe grapes is about the same as last year at between 44,000-54,000 tonnes. The volume of the crop from the Xinjiang province is about 10% smaller than last year because some of the main farmers are cutting down on the fruit trees and instead are planting wine grape for production.

The beginning of the growing season provided little rain and a temperature in main growing regions, around 13-15 degrees, in comparison to last year’s 12 degrees. This lead to a higher Brix and smaller size percentage, at around 65% of the grapes with a diameter of 22mm+, and around 35% with a diameter of 24mm+.

However, in mid-season July, the rain has increased and the larger grapes volume has increased, with around 50% having a diameter of 26mm+. It is still early to determine the quality of this crop. August will round out the season and if rain slows, crop quality will be very good.

Around 35% of this crop will be exported, with Vanguard International facilitating sales mainly to Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, and on a smaller scale to Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and India.

Other Grape Varieties

The Xinjiang region will begin their seasons for the Flame and Crimson grape varieties and the seedless Horse Milk variety over the next couple months.

The Yunnan region is still mid-season in their green seedless crop, Muscat, and will be wrapping up their season of growing Royal Summer grape variety this month.

Crop production for the Kyoho, Crimson, Scarlet Royal, and Red Globe varieties continue across smaller regions in China.

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