Vanguard Peru Commitment to Sustainable Water Management

Signed and Published in Ica on December 5, 2019
Sustainable Water Management

Vanguard Peru recognizes that in the long term the company’s success is based on effective sustainable water management in its agricultural production regions. We believe that effective sustainable water management will require that provisions be established, firstly so that water satisfies the human right to water, then to ensure that ecosystems can function and, finally, to ensure that water is used efficiently for agricultural and industrial use.

Vanguard Peru believes that governments should take the lead in establishing effective general policies in water usage in which Vanguard Peru and other water users can operate. Vanguard Peru wishes to support this process.  Vanguard Peru is committed to developing its business in a way that facilitates effective sustainable management in the regions in which it operates and is committed to focusing on measures that are cost-effective and relevant within the region.

Water is an important natural resource for Vanguard Peru. Agriculture is one of the main users of water in the world. Vanguard Peru is creating a history of leadership in sustainable water management through continuous improvement in the efficient use of water in its operations and innovative programs of the highest quality worldwide, as in the case of AWS (acronym for Alliance for Water Stewardship – Alliance for Sustainable Water Management). We advocate for global and region-level collaborative action in sustainable water management. We formally declare and reconfirm our support for the human right to water.

The “Vanguard Peru Commitment to Sustainable Water Management” has been prepared to guide and align our efforts. Specifically, Vanguard Peru undertakes the following:

  • Work to achieve water efficiency throughout our operations and ensure that our operations will not compromise the human right to water in local communities.
  • In our operation in Ica, we will implement and communicate the progress of our “Sustainable Water Management” program to achieve improvements in the results sought by and with AWS (good water governance, sustainable water balance, good water quality, and water sanitation and hygiene for all).
  • The implementation of the AWS Standard in our operations in Ica will be aligned with and in support of the existing sustainability plans of the region.
  • The stakeholders of our operations in Ica will be involved in an open and transparent manner.
  • We will allocate resources to implement the AWS Standard in our operations in Ica.
  • We will on a regular basis publicly report the progress of compliance with this commitment.

Committed to by Mr. Manuel Enrique Yzaga Dibós, CEO – Vanguard Peru

Manuel E. Yzaga D.
CEO – Vanguard Perú