5 September 2018

Stone Fruits Harvest Underway

The 2018 harvest of Vanguard Pride stone fruits (apricots, nectarines and peaches) is well underway at Pride Packing Co. in Wapato, Washington, acquired by Vanguard International in 2017. With thousands of acres in production, and packing and cold storage facilities, Vanguard Pride is continually developing new varieties of apples and stone fruit. We offer some of the most sought-after apple varieties along with several varieties of cherries, apricots, peaches, and nectarines.

Founded in 1972 by Ernest Spada, Sr. in central Washington, Pride Packing Co. was one of the first companies to adopt the Two-Leader growing and pruning technique that was developed by UC Davis and continues as an innovative practice today. This technique lets more sunlight onto the fruit, which increases sugar content and produces sweeter tasting fruit. Because this method also shortens harvest time, the fruit arriving is much fresher than traditionally grown fruit.

At Vanguard Pride we grow both yellow and white flesh peaches and nectarines.  The white flesh varieties are a most popular export to Vanguard’s many Asian markets. There is a perception, and some truth to the idea that the white flesh varieties are sweeter. However, we are seeing a growing demand from North American consumers for white flesh varieties as there is more volume available for the domestic markets.

Vanguard Pride is the largest stone fruits producer in Washington, and having spent years perfecting the delivery of a piece of fruit that withstands the rigors of the farm to consumer process; the feat of farming and harvesting at exactly the right moment to deliver a quality, flavourful product is our expertise. When fruit tastes great out of the gate, you get the repeat business all the way back through the supply chain and we are seeing that happen now with our shipments both domestically and internationally.

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