Everywhere and Everyone

Our heartfelt mission is to set tables around the globe with healthy and delicious fresh produce. It’s a determination powered by passion and sourced from farms and fields strategically located in the most fertile growing regions on earth. Vanguard offices in nine countries share a singular focus on providing precisely what our markets demand, precisely when they need it. Superior produce speaks a universal language.

We Put Ourselves in Your Place

Vanguard serves the world from our head office in Washington and full-service branch offices in Peru, Chile, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Italy.

All Kinds of Fresh

Every year, Vanguard ships superior produce across millions of miles to thousands of markets around the globe. But numbers are no measure of the pride we take in being the number one provider of produce delivered promptly and fresh with precision and the best means possible. At any point in time, more than 75 ships are at sea carrying our produce, and while transportation by truck, air, and ocean represent over 95% of our shipments, we also ship by rail and have delivered by motorbike and on foot.

Say Where and Say What

Vanguard produce is shipped to many places to meet many demands. Timely delivery includes packaging for precisely the purpose our produce will serve when it arrives at its destination. It may need more shelf life and a pack style to complement the special attention needed for a wholesale arena. The demand may be for retail–ready or packing for our food service clients. And with the rapid growth of e–commerce we are well along in developing consumer focused packs and branding.

Perfect Partners

Over three decades we have developed and continue to nurture enduring relationships with growers, distributors, retailers and others collectively committed to bringing the finest produce on earth to markets around the world. We offer those who join us the promise of strong support for their contribution and for their values.

We can always rely on Vanguard to deliver on their promises… We appreciate their attention to detail, professional advice, and powerful global supply that enable us to steadily grow.

Eason Chi
Rings Fresh Corp.

Vanguard is the most important partner of Supafresh. They are professional, reliable and loyal. We feel lucky to have a partner like Vanguard.

Heidi Zhang
Purchasing Dept, Shanghai Supafresh Trading Co., Ltd.

Working with Vanguard International has been a first–class experience and we look forward to continuing this mutually benefiting relationship.

Linda Ong
Managing Director, Benelux Flowers & Food (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

We Couldn’t Say it Better