3 December 2019

Produce of the Month: Chilean Blueberries

Chilean blueberry exports are expected to grow yet again! The Chilean Blueberry Committee-ASOEX has announced that export volume of fresh blueberries will grow by 4% in 2019-2020 by comparison to last year.

Growth in volume can be attributed to new plantings over the last few years in Chile. According to Karen Bruxof the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association, an increase of more than 4,000 hectares over the last 4 years have been planted and will flourish in the coming years when the new plants reach full production and contribute to further production. These new plantings will allow Chile to offer new varieties and to renovate orchards, thus increasing the quality of their offering.

This past winter provided a lower accumulation of cold hours than in years previous, and consistent frosts from the end of August that advanced crop activation nearly 2 weeks earlier than expected, impacting productive potential. According to Brux, the new planting statistics show a net growth of 2,500 hectares, reaching a total of 18,374 planted blueberry hectares in Chile.  They estimate total production of around 160,000 tons, with 115,000 exported as fresh fruit, 41,000 going into the processed market, and 4,000 headed for the domestic market.

Chile is the largest exporter of blueberries in the world, and always prove to deliver exceptional customer experience through quality, texture, and flavor. We will see reliable exports of Chilean blueberries into February.

Our favorite Chilean blueberries facts, making them a worthy feature this month, include:


1. Blueberries are considered a “superfood” because they have such a high concentration of nutrients and are high in antioxidants, which protect us from damage by free radicals.

2. While low in calories, blueberries are a good source of fiber and an excellent source of vitamin C, providing 16% of the recommended daily allowance.

3. They make an incredible snack: fresh, frozen, or in these Power Superfood Bites.