6 May 2019

New varieties and updates to packing house setting up a successful season

In advance of West Coast Produce Expo (May 9-10, Palm Desert, Calif.) Vanguard International has provided an update on new grape varieties expected next season in addition to further investments in its Vanguard Challapampa packing house in Ica, Peru.


“Our new varieties offer consumers great taste with large, crispy, and crunchy berries,” says Dirk Winkelmann, Business Development Officer, Vanguard Direct. “For retailers and wholesalers, these new varieties have ignited excitement in the category creating merchandising opportunities. For consumers, we are providing them with a wider range of grape options available for purchase and providing them with the opportunity to realize just how delicious a grape can be.”


In addition to the new varieties, Vanguard has continued to invest in its Ica, Peru packing house, including moving from single to multiple shifts for the upcoming season to accommodate the increased volume of grapes being packed and shipped.


“With all these new varieties, you want to ensure their utmost freshness,” says Gene Coughlin, Vice President Sales, Vanguard Direct. “The packing house gives us the capability to temperature control the grape reception area which means that the team gets the fruit out of the field and into a controlled environment quickly.” Additional upgrades include installing an automatic banding machine for the pallets and expanding systems and inventory to accommodate packing for non-related growers.


The selling and marketing of grapes grown on Vanguard’s Peru ranches is handled by Vanguard Direct, which represents the Vanguard International Group in North America.  Vanguard Direct is proud to commit to the campaign message “We own it”, taking great pride in ownership of our ranches and pack house.


New varieties will include:

  • Icon Firestar:  available late December through late January.
  • Red Seedless – Allison (late season red seedless): available March and April.
  • Midnight Beauty (early season black seedless, large bunches, large elongated berries, crunchy and very sweet): available late December through January.
  • Adora (late season black seedless, very large rounded berries known as a “two-bite” grape, with deep black color and a very sweet taste, favored in Asia): available in March and April.
  • Autumn Crisp (late season green seedless, highly sought after in all markets, but limited volume of imports with large round green berries, very crunchy and sweet, clean green color): available in late March through late April.


About Vanguard International

Founded in 1991, Vanguard is a leading global vertically-integrated fresh fruit growing, packing, marketing, and sales organization headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, USA, with branch offices in Wapato, Washington; Bakersfield, California; Lima, Peru; Ica, Peru: Santiago, Chile; Stellenbosch, South Africa; Shanghai, China; Taipei, Taiwan; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Madrid, Spain.