24 February 2023

Lunds & Byerlys Showcases Vanguard New Retailer Toolkit Materials in Store 

Retailer Lunds & Byerlys kicked off in-store Vanguard grape tastings earlier this month in their Minnesota stores.  

Grocery shoppers were able to taste Vanguard’s Sweet Celebration variety grapes while getting some ‘Great Grape Pairing’ tips from the new retailer toolkit materials proudly on display. 

Shoppers will continue to see the retailer toolkit point of sales materials throughout Lunds & Byerlys stores during February and March.  

Vanguard Direct Sales Representative Tammy Collum was in the store for the tastings and shared, “The point of sales materials added a helpful tool for customers to consider new ways of using their produce, and the kit’s creative content has become an elegant compliment along the Lunds & Byerlys store shelves and aisles.” 

 Thank you to Lunds & Byerlys for their support and doing an awesome job!