Washington’s Pride

Vanguard Pride is one of the top three stone fruit producers in the state of Washington. As a leading apple producer in the United States, Vanguard Pride is a major employer, operating numerous ranches in prime growing regions of the Pacific Northwest. With thousands of acres in production and three packing facilities, Vanguard Pride is continually developing new varieties of apples and stone fruits.

We offer some of the most sought-after apple varieties along with several varieties of cherries, apricots, peaches, and nectarines. In a single year, Vanguard Pride ships more than three million packages of fruit to national and international destinations. As part of Vanguard International, our commitment to innovation in every area from growing to shipping has created a fully integrated, global produce operation.

Perfect In Every Way

Delivering fresh-picked quality produce around the globe calls for the highest standards in everything from planting and harvesting to packaging and shipping. It begins with the best root stock nurtured by growers with generations of experience and monitored by a team of professionals.

Pride apples, cherries and stone fruits are prepared for shipment from orchard to table. From beginning to end, we pursue a process guided by Global GAP Certification for Good Agricultural Practice.

All of the fruit packed and shipped from our facilities is grown on our land and shipped from a controlled atmosphere facility with the capacity to hold 1,000,000 boxes of fruit.

A History of Innovation

When Ernie Spada started Pride Packing in 1972, he already had three decades of valuable grower experience behind him. More than years, he had ideas. Pride was one of the first companies to adopt the Two Leader growing and pruning technique that is now recognized as a breakthrough method that brings more sunlight onto the fruit to increase sugar content and produce sweeter tasting fruit.

This also shortens harvest time, resulting in fruit that arrives much fresher than traditionally grown varieties. Innovation in farms and orchards has enabled Vanguard Pride to bring industry–changing procedures to a fully integrated field to table system.

Serving Customers Around The Globe

Having pioneered new techniques and methods in the field, Vanguard Pride has expanded innovation to the areas of storage, packaging, marketing, and distribution of produce. Passion, expertise, and industry leadership continue to shape the way Vanguard Pride serves customers around the globe.

Pride In Every Bite

We currently offer some of the most sought after apple varieties along with several varieties of cherries, apricots, peaches, and nectarines.

Predictably Perfect

The journey from field to produce sections around the world is seamless in the hands of growers, distributors, and wholesalers who share a common commitment to provide our customers with timely delivery of precisely the produce they want to serve their customers.

Main Office

Vanguard Pride
560 North Lateral B Road
Wapato, WA 98951

General Manager

Brett R. Calhoun
Phone: +1 509 877 3836
Toll Free: 1 800 282 4106

Packing Operations

Curt McDonald
Phone: +1 509 877 3836
Toll Free: 1 800 282 4106

It’s About Relationships

Growing Friendships

In over 25 years, the Vanguard community has grown more than produce. We have also grown together; forming relationships that inspire and enable us to serve our customers more fully and effectively than any other produce provider. We are determined to become better every day at ensuring reliable delivery of the produce our customers want when they want it.