The Best of Everywhere

Ica, Peru is one of the finest grape-growing regions in the world and home to Vanguard Peru, a global vertically integrated produce grower, packer, marketing, and sales leader. As Agricola Challapampa, the company was originally founded in 2007 and purchased by Vanguard International in 2016 to become part of Vanguard’s development of a globally integrated business, reliably providing customers with quality-assured, “fresh crop” products year-round.

Vanguard Peru is now a sought-after supplier of a wide range of proprietary grape varieties and other produce, grown, packed and marketed under the Vanguard Fresh, Golden Monkey, Golden Horse, Jade Rabbit, Majestic Jaguar, Red Tiger, Shine Jade, Silver Hawk, Silver Ox, and Pampa Fresh brands.

Perfect in Every Way

Delivering fresh–picked quality produce to places hundreds or thousands of miles away is a complex undertaking that calls for the highest standards in everything from planting and harvesting to packaging and shipping. It begins with the selection of best in class proprietary varieties, nurtured by growers with generations of experience and monitored by a team of professionals dedicated to bringing best efforts in the field to markets around the world.

Produce is prepared for shipment in a state–of–the–art processing plant and packaged according to each customer’s particular specifications. From beginning to end, ours is a fully integrated process well worthy of Global GAP Certification for Good Agricultural Practice.

Creating the Perfect Place

Our founders shared a vision of transforming Peru’s Ica Valley into one of the premier growing regions in the world. It took determination, innovation and new technologies to overcome the challenge of the region’s arid light soil and take advantage of the perfect temperature and long hours of sunlight. In 2007, they began the transformation of a vast desert into two ranches to become a leading producer of grapes and citrus.

A Dominant Provider of Seedless Grapes

Committed to highly ethical business practices, our group has not only played a major part in developing one of the world’s foremost growing regions, but also helped to create an industry that employs 40% of the people in the area. Today, Vanguard Peru is a dominant provider of seedless grapes and one of the most sought–after suppliers in the global market, offering a wide variety of well–established and popular brands. We continue to add new acreage and apply new technologies to a growing range of products that offer a unique taste experience and superior quality.

Grapes in Great Variety

Our Vanguard Fresh, Golden Monkey, Golden Horse, Jade Rabbit, Majestic Jaguar, Red Tiger, Shine Jade, Silver Hawk, Silver Ox, and Pampa Fresh brands are global grape icons.

Predictably Perfect

The journey from the field to produce sections around the world is seamless in the hands of growers, distributors and wholesalers who share a common commitment to provide our customers with timely delivery of precisely the produce they want to serve their customers.

It’s About Relationships

Growing Friendships

In over 30 years, the Vanguard community has grown more than produce. We have also grown together; forming relationships that inspire and enable us to serve our customers more fully and effectively than any other produce provider. We are determined to become better every day at ensuring reliable delivery of the produce our customers want when they want it.