Vanguard Challapampa

Location: Ica, Peru
Produce Grown: Grapes

The purchase of Challapampa is another exciting chapter in the Vanguard story. Transforming 500 hectares of desert into one of the prime growing regions in the world took imagination, determination and innovation. Vanguard Business Development Officer Dirk Winklemann describes Challapampa as “a perfect example of the the fresh and ambitious thinking that characterize our Company. Our growers in Peru saw huge potential in a combination of long sunlight hours and perfect temperature… plus a progressive and highly ethical business attitude. The challenge was to put it all together in a desert!” To that end, the lighter Ica Valley soil invited new technologies that have resulted in faster production and greater volumes. Under the Vanguard banner, Challapampa will expand its dominance of the seedless grapes market and continue developing other IP varieties.

Our growers in Peru saw huge potential in a combination of long sunlight hours and perfect temperature.

Vanguard Peru and Challapampa’s President, Manuel Yzaga says that the success of Challapampa is because “we are the best. We have the best technology and the best people. Soon, we will be using robotics to meet the labor shortage. And we are training our people for jobs in technology.” Dirk and Manuel agree on the direction of the Company and the role of Challapampa inside it. “We are 100% focused on meeting the global demand for new varieties and perfecting the fully integrated system that gets them to our retailers and their customers year–round.” The integration of disciplines from the field through shipping and distribution includes an on–going and hands–on exchange of experiences and ideas. Dirk notes that “what we learn in one area is transferred throughout the organization. We’re all around the world, but at the same time, we’re a family that stays connected round–the–clock.”

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