18 October 2022

Global Produce Conference Preview  

Conference season is back! Kicking things off this month is the newly branded Global Produce & Floral Show that the Vanguard team is excited to be in attendance. Formally known by industry veterans as the PMA, The Global Produce & Floral Show takes place October 27-29th in Orlando, Florida.  

“The Global Produce & Floral Show is not a new name for a familiar event,” said IFPA CEO, Cathy Burns. “When we brought together the two most influential associations for our industry to create a new organization, it wasn’t just about doing more, it was about transforming the industry. The Global Produce & Floral Show will be the epicenter of industry innovation and connection, and it will be where our industry voice is galvanized to take on the challenges we face and take up the opportunities ahead of us.”   

October 27th will kick off with the Fresh Ideas Showcase, where attendees can see the latest innovations, products and services launched in the last year. Sections include:  

  • On-The-Go: Products/services that make it easier for consumers to eat healthy while on the go or in the kitchen 
  • Certified Organic: Innovative, certified organic products 
  • Floral: Innovative floral products/services 
  • Packaging: Innovative packaging designs or sustainability efforts 
  • Technology: Innovations in food waste, food safety, traceability, logistics and more 

CEO of the International Fresh Produce Association, Cathy Burns, will then provide the keynote address as she explores the latest in emerging innovations and consumer trends, and what these mean for IFPA members and the global produce and floral community. 

Other industry topics during the show will include:  

  • Creating a Climate-Resilient Fresh Produce & Floral Sector 
  • What’s Next for Organics? 
  • Psychology of the Consumer 
  • Food Safety & Tech X-Change 

The Vanguard team is excited to take part in the first Global Produce & Floral Show this month.  Three days of the global produce industry coming together to share innovative solutions, network with purpose, and take in discussions from global leaders and experts.  And then it is off to Asiafruit in Bangkok, Thailand.