Jack Salute, Peru
22 February 2022

Fresh From The Field: An Update on Peru’s Halfway Point of Grape Season 

Dirk Winkelmann, President of Vanguard Direct is sharing another fresh from the field virtual update on this key halfway marker into the busy Peru grape season.


Sharing an update with the Jack Salute crop in the background, Winkelmann shares that the crop is being picked and heading to the packinghouse in the next few days.  

The fruit is looking exceptional. Great size, color, and most importantly the taste is wonderful. The bunch formation is just where we would want it to be. There are two weeks left until the Jack Salute crop is complete and then we will head to the next ranch down the road to start harvesting the Alisons.  

The red variety season will finish around week 8, weather depending, with Sweet Celebrations. Attention will then turn to the harvest of our late green grape blocks in weeks 10-12.  

The operations are moving seamlessly with a steady and organized flow from fruit picking, then onto the packing house, and finally sending the grapes off in vessels. We are at 55% completion of the season and optimism is surrounding the final half of this 2021-2022 grape season in terms of both fruit quality and market demand.