19 January 2023

Fresh from the Field – A Grape Update from Peru and Chile 


The unrest in the south of Peru has settled, allowing scheduled harvest and shipments to resume. We are hopeful this calm environment remains through the completion of the season.   

The northern region of Peru has finished approximately 90% of its 2022-2023 season harvest. Ica is now approaching its peak weeks of harvest. 

Up to week 52, Peru has shipped 39,681,881 equivalent 8.2kg boxes. This is 1% more than last season. The Northern region (Piura, Lambayeque, and Ancash y La Libertad) has been responsible for 78% of the shipped volumes to date. They have shipped 13% more volume than last season, made up largely by new vineyards in production and earlier harvest planning. Due to the weather and delays in harvest, the South (Ica and Arequipa primarily) has shipped 25% less than last season, and accounts for only 22% of the volumes exported season to date. 

The top varieties up to week 52 are: 

  • Red Globe representing 21% of the volume. 
  • Sweet Globe representing 20% of the volume. 
  • Allison representing 10% 

Total Peruvian Red Globe shipments stand at 7,327,704 equivalent 8.2kg boxes up to week 49. This is 11% less than the previous season to date. 

Turning to Green Seedless, Peru has shipped 18,521,246 equivalent 8.2kg boxes up to week 52. The main destination countries are the USA, the Netherlands, Mexico, and China  

Looking at Red Seedless through the same time period, Peru has shipped 11,069,470 equivalent 8.2kg boxes. The main destination countries are the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, and Canada.  


During week 52, Chile shipped 506,812 equivalent 8.2kg boxes to all markets, bringing their year-to-date total to 766,951. 

Copiapo and Vallenar valley (3rd Region) are in full harvest while Elqui and Ovalle (4th region) are reaching their peak output this week. Volumes are picking up and the gap compared to last season is narrowing by the week.  

A new forecast was released last Monday, forecasting 67,741,801 8.2kg equivalent boxes for this season. This remains 9% lower than past season.