Jannie Visser, Tru-Cape’s Export Manager and Henk Wever, Manager of Vanguard South Africa.
20 October 2020

Vanguard International Joins Prestigious Tru-Cape Millionaire’s Club

Vanguard International joined the prestigious gold-level standing within Tru-Cape’s Millionaire’s Club by exceeding the milestone of 2.5 million cartons of produce purchased.

The Tru-Cape Millionaires Cub is a customer recognition program based on volumes of cartons supplied and purchased by the recipient. The club is made up of 5 levels — namely Bronze, over 1 million cartons; Silver, over 2 million cartons; Gold, over 2.5 million cartons; and Platinum, over 5 million cartons.

“We have a long-standing business relationship with the team at Vanguard International, and this promoted level in our Millionaire’s club reflects that,” shares Jannie Visser, Tru-Cape’s Export Manager.

Tru-Cape’s Managing Director Roelf Pienaar added, “when organizations like ours align on quality and reliability it results in great growth. The Vanguard team are true produce professionals that we are fortunate to have as customers”.

This most recent distinction is the third certification for Vanguard International who previously held bronze, silver, and now the Gold standing in Tru-Cape’s Millionaire’s Club.

The Vanguard South Africa office has been in operation for 21 years and manages all product procurement from South Africa and from Egypt.

“We are honored to receive the Gold standing after many years of dedicated work in our apple and pear distribution with Tru-Cape and I want to thank Tru-Cape and the entire Vanguard team for all of their hard work to make this achievement happen,” shared Henk Wever, Manager of Vanguard South Africa. Wever quickly added, “we aren’t celebrating for long though…our sites are set on that Platinum level.”