Updates brought to you by Neil Truter, Quality Assurance Manager at Vanguard International for Egypt and South Africa region
6 November 2019

Update on Egyptian Citrus

Vanguard is pleased to provide an update on citrus out of Egypt.

Egypt has recently become a very competitive citrus producing country, as a result of citrus exports growing quickly over the past few years. The latest reports show an increase of Egyptian citrus of 8.4% from the 2017/18 growing season to the 2018/19 growing season.

Russia, Saudi Arabia, and China make up the biggest buyers of Egyptian citrus, importing just over half of all their crop. Otherwise, it appears Egypt is focusing their exporting efforts in more discerning markets.

“Egypt is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the global citrus market. Competitive countries are keeping a close eye on their crop” says Neil Truter, Quality Assurance Manager at Vanguard International, who handles Vanguard’s QA activities in Egypt and South Africa.


The 2019/2020 season has begun with Grapefruit leading the charge and showing a trend of bigger fruit sizes, with a lower yield. This could be attributed to the hot winds that occurred during flowering of the Grapefruit. Full colour was delayed by about three weeks in comparison to previous years. We expect harvest to be near the end of November – beginning of December.


We are expecting much less production and bigger sizes of Eureka Lemons out of Egypt this year, but after witnessing the beginning of harvest and packing, it is evident that sizes are quite average. These lemons will continue to be harvested into mid-December. The Egyptian production of Eureka Lemons is projected to be about the same as last year’s season.


The unusually warm temperatures have also delayed the natural color progression of Navel oranges this growing season and will delay harvest until mid-December. We expect to see a decrease of Navel and Valencia Oranges out of Egypt this year of around 20%, however fruit size tends to run large.


Egypt’s production of Mandarins (Murcott) is almost double of last season and size tends to be medium to small.