1 December 2016

Celebrating Vanguard Challapampa’s First Harvest

Successful merger sees high demand for product.

Following the recent acquisition of Challapampa, one of Peru’s leading producers of grapes, citrus, and pomegranates, Vanguard International is celebrating the successful collaboration and team integration with the first harvest. While cold and foggy weather conditions have limited the quantity that will be available to Vanguard and Challapampa customers, the premium, high-quality products available are highly sought-after by distributors in North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

“Demand for our products is extremely high this year and this is testament to the great customer relationships Challapampa has developed since 2007,” says Juan Luis Obach, Sales Manager Vanguard Chile. “Our Red Globe brand Red Tiger is one of the top 5 brands in China and the rest of Asia, and demand is also very strong for our proprietary seedless varieties in North America and Korea.”

Vanguard Peru’s General Manager Manuel Yzaga says the initial months of the partnership have been “enormously successful and rewarding to the team on the ground in Peru with everyone focused on working together to bring a quality product to market,” and that despite a shortage in quantity of products, “our focus remains on bringing our customers the best.”

Prior to joining the Vanguard team, Manuel served as Sun World’s consultant in Peru. He was responsible for introducing Sun World’s proprietary varieties to Peruvian growers. Manuel also helped others to manage their farming operations, site selections, water wells design and drilling, varietal selections, soil preparation, planting, growing, harvesting, packing, cold storage, and sales coordination.

Challapampa and its in-demand labels Red Tiger, Golden Horse, Silver Horse, Sweet Crane, and Pampa Fresh are well known in the global markets and is considered a leading grower and packer of grapes. Vanguard is making significant further investments in Challapampa and in other agricultural holdings to strengthen Vanguard’s position in Peru to support a 52-week annual quality and food safety assured supply solution of fresh produce to global customers. Vanguard is undergoing a substantial new planting program with a host of new seedless grape varieties that will support it’s customer base throughout the world, and establish a firm base with imports into the North American market.

About Vanguard

Founded in 1991, Vanguard International has been marketing and selling fresh fruits and vegetables in Asia and the Middle East for over 25 years, operating offices internationally in Chile, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Spain, Taiwan, South Africa, and the United States.