Vanguard International

Produce. Precisely.

Setting the Table

Vanguard continues to rethink and reinvent how produce journeys from field to table. It’s an approach that’s made us the growing choice of retailers, importers, and wholesalers around the world. We bring a vast variety of market–specific produce to the most demanding customers on earth. In over 30 years of customer–focused dedication and innovation, Vanguard has become the most trusted name in reliable, quality–assured and year–round delivery of the produce our customers need for the markets they serve.

Welcome to our Places

Vanguard serves the world from the all–category producing regions of Chile, China, South Africa and the United States to niche varieties grown in Peru, New Zealand, Spain, and Italy, Vanguard nurtures the finest fields on earth to bring superior produce to markets all over the world.

Good Guaranteed

The Vanguard–provided produce that draws customers from markets around the world represents a wide selection of fruits and vegetables with assured quality in common. In our world, beauty is more than skin deep. Our quality standards are set by those markets most demanding of global certification and full product traceability.

We Put Ourselves in Your Place

Vanguard serves the world from our head office in Washington and full–service branch offices in Peru, Chile, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain and Italy.

Fresh Forever

As we grow our ability to provide timely delivery of market–specific produce, we strengthen our commitment to do so far into the future. As passionate as we are about putting good food on the table today, we embrace innovations that secure a sustainable tomorrow.

Spreading the Word

We apply a wide range of innovative and highly effective marketing tactics created to make Vanguard a household word for superior quality produce. We also support our retailers with point–of–sale, product promotions and the latest news and updates providing content for social media.

It’s About Relationships

Growing Friendships

In over 30 years, the Vanguard community has grown more than produce. We have also grown together; forming relationships that inspire and enable us to serve our customers more fully and effectively than any other produce provider. We are determined to become better every day at ensuring reliable delivery of the produce our retailers want when they want it.