1 Mei 2023

Vanguard Direct: Setting New Standards

As the Peruvian grape season draws to a close, Dirk Winkelmann, President of Vanguard Direct, recently provided a final update.  He noted that Peru surpassed Chile as the top exporter of South American grapes. Looking ahead, Vanguard Direct aims to sustain steady growth and uphold its values in the upcoming seasons.

Vanguard Direct operates predominantly with premium table grape varieties produced on company-owned ranches, filling many produce bins across North America. We work to streamline the process of delivering table grapes from our vineyards to our customers’ shelves with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. With our vast Peruvian farmlands, best-in-class packing and cold storage facilities, and extensive network of grower partners, we have complete control over our offerings from planting to supermarket aisles.

Vanguard Direct: Dedicated to Supply

At Vanguard Direct, we strive for consistency, transparency, and reliability. Our efficient processes enable customers to access a wide variety of grapes in the volumes needed, without compromising quality or service, all coupled with valuable information and analyses

Vanguard Direct: Dedicated to Volume 

Our unwavering dedication to flavor is inherent in our commitment to providing customers with the world’s freshest and most desirable table grapes. Vanguard Direct offers both classics and unique grape varieties, catering to our customers’ diverse preferences.

Vanguard Direct: Dedicated to Flavor

At Vanguard Direct, the process is key as we maintain control over every element of the supply chain. We diligently monitor fruit maturity, grading, packing, ocean freight management, and distribution to ensure that we deliver the best to our customers. Vanguard Direct strives for perfection in every aspect of our operations.

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