30 Oktober 2023

Recapping the Global Produce and Floral Show 

Over the course of three days, the Global Produce and Floral Show 2023 featured an impressive lineup of more than 1,160 companies exhibiting their offerings. The event drew attendees from over 60 countries, making it a truly global gathering of industry experts. In case you weren’t on the conference floors for this year’s event, we are recapping some of the main themes, highlights, and key takeaways from Anaheim, California.  

One prominent topic of discussion was the push for sustainable packaging. With buyers advocating for sustainable alternatives in response to the growing consumer demand to reduce single-use plastics, companies showcased their compostable and recyclable packaging options. Sustainability goals from different corners of the world contributed to the collective motivation to make a positive change.  

Another fascinating highlight was the introduction of purple tomatoes, a genetically modified product created by inserting snapdragon genes into the tomato’s DNA. These tomatoes boast higher levels of antioxidants, presenting an exciting development in the world of fresh produce. 

Vanguard’s presence at this global show was notable, with representatives from both Vanguard Direct and Vanguard International. This provided an opportunity for inspiring collaboration between the two companies. Vanguard representatives engaged with a diverse mix of domestic and international customers and suppliers, leading to insightful discussions that will undoubtedly shape future decisions. 

As our team gradually reacclimatized to the realm of in-person events, the show served as a reminder that business can indeed be fun, and relationships can be energizing. The Vanguard team now eagerly awaits the next Global Produce and Floral Show, set to take in place in October 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia.