Getting to know, Ariana behind the produce
8 November 2022

Behind the Produce: Ariana Rivera 

Bio – Ariana Rivera is focused on Accounting and Food Safety with the Vanguard Direct team in Bakersfield, California.  Ariana’s keen eye for detail is one of her many assets as her responsibilities include payments, account reconciliations, and preparing various reports,.  

Ariana also works closely with Vanguard’s ranches on food safety compliance.  

Let’s get to know Ariana a little more!  

VG- Has Bakersfield CA always been home, or did you re-locate for work?  

Ariana: I was born and raised in Delano, a small farm town about 30 miles north of Bakersfield, so I commute to work everyday.   

VG – Have you always been destined for fresh produce?  How did your career begin? 

Ariana: I come from a family of farm laborers. My parents have both worked picking grapes, so I grew up around agriculture. It wasn’t until I interned at Sun World during summer breaks that I had the opportunity to see the wonders of the agriculture world.  I was fortunate to rejoin Sun World again in 2016 as a grower accounting clerk and that is when my career in produce really began.  

VG – We are well into managing in a global pandemic – what have been the greatest challenges?  Any positive outcomes of a change in SOP?  

Ariana: The greatest challenge would have to be the port delays we’ve experienced these past few years. Hoping this upcoming season will be adjusted to the “new normal”. 

VG – Whose day to you impact on a regular basis. Who hears from you the most?   

Ariana: The Bakersfield sales team gets to hear from me daily, but the real lucky ones I get to chat with are our vendors, especially when I ask them for food safety certs, invoices, etc. 

VG – What has been a memorable moment of your time with Vanguard?  

Ariana: Every season is unique within itself, so the teamwork and the reliability we have in our company is memorable. We learn from each other and work together to make the next season even better.   

VG – What does your free time look like! Spending time with family, friends?  

Ariana: Since I am also attending school, my free time is a bit sparse right now, but after I put the books away, I spend time with my family. We’re an adrenaline-junkie-seeking family, so we enjoy going to amusement parks.  

VG – Do you have a favorite produce item? If yes how do you prefer to eat it (Snack? Signature Recipe?)  

Ariana: I love eating fruits as a snack. As a kid, my parents always had a variety of fruits ready to eat. My all-time favorite fruit has to be diced watermelon and cucumbers with lemon and salt — delicious!