29 Oktober 2019

Why you’ll want to choose California Pomegranates this season

Many are excited about the harvest of California Pomegranates this season.

The earliest varieties were being loaded and distributed in mid-August; however, most will harvest this month into late November.

Heavy wind and rain affected pomegranate bloom this season, and it is projected that harvest will be down between 15-20% from last year. However, demand for the fruit is only increasing as consumers understand the nutritional benefit of the arils (red seeds) and how to use them. Fresh Fruit Portalreports that pomegranate retail sales in 2018 were $108 million, up from $101 million in 2017.

Pomegranates are known to be an impulsive purchase because of their vibrant colour, so it is important that the food service industry continues to help consumers understand the nutritional benefits of those little red arils and how to incorporate them into many fall and winter dishes.

Here are 3 pomegranate tips we have for you:

1. Try the underwater method of removing the seeds from the skin! Cut the crown off and score the skin from top to bottom in several places so it opens up. Put the entire pomegranate in a bowl of water as you remove the seeds by hand from the skin. The water saves your fingers (and maybe your sweater) from the red dye. Eat out of your hand or use for juice and other recipes!

2. Try using pomegranate to affect the mood of the room. Because the pomegranate is full of juicy seeds, it symbolizes fertility in feng shui, and it is used as a feng shui fertility Pomegranate also symbolizes happiness in the family, as well as good luck for one’s descendants. Feng shui consultants often advise newlywed couples in China to display art with pomegranates to attract good luckand many healthy children.

3. Use Pomegranate to promote health. With seeds angular and irregular, the pomegranate is known to cool fevers, counteract poisons, even relieve coughing.The juice is a good source of potassium with its organic acids supplying vitamin C with lots of pantothenic and citric acid among them. Here is a recipe to make your own Pomegranate Juice.