30 Augustus 2019

Vanguard at Asia Fruit Logistica

Vanguard is pleased to be returning to the Asia Fruit Logistica Conference this year as a Silver Sponsor, from September 4-6 in Hong Kong. Throughout the course of the event’s 20-year history, this conference has grown exponentially in size, hosting the global produce world in an intense yet extremely valuable few days. Here are five things Vanguard is most looking forward to at this year’s event:

1. Meeting with global growing partners
This conference is a chance to gather and meet with a collective group of valued suppliers from all regions – South Africa, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Turkey, Egypt, the United States and more. It’s a wonderful opportunity to share face-to-face crop updates, news about the upcoming growing season, any weather events and their impact. We are in constant communication with our many grower partners but nothing replaces being able to sit together, and really listen and learn.

2. Meeting with global customers
Vanguard typically holds numerous meetings with a client base from around the world, including delegates from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Singapore, India, and Bangladesh, to name just a few. It is always such a welcome opportunity to meet our customers in-person.  We embrace the many forms of communication that allow us to be in constant contact with our customers, but nothing replaces person-to-person contact. As with our global grower partners, we see this as a great opportunity to not just share information, but to listen and learn what is happening in each of their respective markets, and inquire about where Vanguard can add more value.

3. Sharing recent news and updates on our grape crop from Vanguard Peru
A new grape season is underway in Piura Peru (the Northern Region) with the always popular Red Globe harvest leading the way.  Piura’s harvest is 2 weeks ahead of last season so we will be keeping a close watch on how their season progresses.  Vanguard’s own ranches are in Ica, Peru. We are excited to be the largest Southern Hemisphere grower of patented IFG® varieties as well as our partnership with Sun World Innovations LLC.  Vanguard was recently chosen as one of 10 companies to have licenses to distribute and market Sun Worlds patented varieties.  Vanguard is growing AUTUNMCRISP® , ADORA®, AND MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® on our ranches in Ica, Peru.

4. Uniting the Vanguard team
Attending Asia Fruit Logistica provides a unique opportunity to gather together with our esteemed team members from Chile, Peru, China, South Africa, USA, Taiwan, and Indonesia! Not only is it a compelling way to update each other on respective market trends and news, but just imagine the wealth of global produce knowledge that exists in one room! We welcome you to join us, and ask questions!

5. Sharing our new presence on WeChat
Vanguard joined WeChat in the fall of 2018 and has started sharing crop updates, industry news, and company updates through this channel. This an exciting announcement for Vanguard, as it allows us to elevate communication to hundreds of global markets that we deliver to. This year, we will be giving away a portal charging pad station with our QR code on it to everyone who stops by our meeting room! You can find us on WeChat: @VanguardTeam

Vanguard can be found in Room 2 on the Ground Floor of the SkyCity Marriott in Hong Kong for the duration of the Asia Fruit Logistica conference, September 4-6. See you there!