Expected completion by fall 2018.
30 Junie 2018

New Peru Packhouse Nears Completion

Since the acquisition of Vanguard Challapampa in 2016, the partnership between Vanguard International and Vanguard Challapampa has gone from strength to strength, with Vanguard Challapampa in the midst of finalizing construction of a brand–new packhouse in Ica, Peru. The brand–new building will receive and pack a variety of in–demand and new grape varieties being brought to market. The project is expected to be completed in October 2018, ahead of the year’s new crop.

One of the benefits of the new building will be in harnessing the ability to clean grapes in the packhouse as opposed to out in the field, allowing the team to get the grapes out from the heat and into a controlled environment quickly. The “best in class” pre–cooling at the new facility is designed to provide the optimal time and temperature to cool the fruit. The result will be crisper berries and greener stems. Vanguard Challapampa grape varieties will include seedless green, red and black varieties.

The new packhouse will also allow for a range of flexibility on different packing styles and types — a significant advantage when packing multiple varieties for all types of customers (retail, wholesale, foodservice, e–commerce) in over 25 countries.

Vanguard Challapampa and its popular Vanguard Fresh and Pampa Fresh labels are well known in the global markets, and considered a leading grower and packer of grapes.

For the upcoming grapes seasons Vanguard Challapampa and Vanguard Direct are introducing seven new premium varieties of red, green and black grapes including Sweet Celebration™, Jack’s Salute™, Ivory™, Sweet Globe™, Sugar Crisp™, Sweet Favor™, and Sweet Sapphire™, with this year’s shipment volume doubling last years. The category overall expects to see seven to 10 new varieties vying for shelf space and consumer attention in 2018.

Located in the Villacuri region of the Ica valley, Ica is considered to be the premier production area in Peru, and one of the finest grape production areas in the world. The Ica Valley soil invited new technologies that have resulted in faster production and greater volumes. Under the Vanguard banner, Challapampa has expanded its offering of the seedless grapes market and will continue developing other IP varieties.

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