About Vanguard

We supply quality assured fresh fruits and vegetables from the world’s top growers in the finest production areas around the world, consistently and reliably, 12 months per year!


Global supply!

We are your “One-Stop Connection” for all your fresh fruit and vegetable needs from our growers in Africa, Australia, China, Europe, New Zealand, South America, Thailand, and the United States.

Global inspection, selection, and quality assurance.

We conduct “on-site pre-shipment selection and inspection” to meet your product and packaging specifications on arrival.

Global fruit and vegetable production and market information.

We provide you timely, accurate, and valuable information to guide your purchasing decisions.

Global logistics, operations, and documentation.

We put it all together flawlessly for you, from our growers’ fields to your facility

Our global team is the key to our ability to meet your needs and requirements.

We make it happen for you 24/7—rapid response 24 hours per day!

The Right Fruit, to the Right Customer, Flawlessly Performed!

    Vanguard International, Inc.
    22605 SE 56th Street
    Issaquah, WA 98029 USA
    Tel: +1-425-557-8250
    Fax: +1-425-557-8260

    Sales Tel: +1-425-427-6150
    Sales Email:

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